A White Blazer Can Be Versatile

I created some business casual outfits where my white blazer adds an element of “profesh.” You may be thinking, how often can I even wear a white blazer? I initially thought the same thing. White is very versatile though, and it’s great for the spring/summer season.


Pineapples on pants- subtle but sweet (PC: Eric Johnston)

There are many types of blazers, and this style is called “The Notch.” It’s considered the classic blazer style, and it has small indents on the collar. This one is from Ann Taylor, and I found a similar one on sale at Loft.


“The Notch” blazer paired with white top (PC: Eric Johnston)

I like that the pineapple pattern on my pants is very subtle, yet it makes a statement. The white top paired with the white blazer brings a light, summer feel to the outfit. If you’re choosing a patterned pant, you want to make sure you choose a colored top that compliments the pants. You could pair these navy pants with a brighter color such as peach or mustard since the pants are dark. I chose white to keep it classic and clean. Here are more tips on how to wear patterned pants and why they are appropriate for the workplace.


Warm pink toned color theme (PC: Eric Johnston)

Pencil skirts are a classic office favorite to pair with a blazer. I chose one with a floral pattern because floral for spring is groundbreaking, right? Haha. If you choose to wear a skirt it doesn’t have to be floral, but I recommend wearing a pattern that compliments the color of your top. I like the way the burgundy top pairs with the skirt as well as how the burgundy top contrasts the white blazer.


Floral skirt with burgundy top make white blazer stand out (PC: Eric Johnston)

The warm pink tones are subtle enough to be appropriate for the workplace since they add a pop of color. I found a floral skirt from Nordstrom that’s a little brighter than what I’m wearing, but it’s nice option for the springtime.


Knit dress with white blazer (PC: Eric Johnston)

If you’re someone who doesn’t like pants, and you want a quick “one-and-done” outfit, a dress is the perfect option. Unlike an outfit with a pencil skirt or pants, you don’t have to think of pairing two items of clothing together. Wearing a dress with a blazer can save you some time. Here are some guidelines on how you should wear a dress and a blazer to the workplace as an alternative to a suit.

If you’re looking for some more fashion inspiration, I found some style tips on other ways to style a blazer.

Stay profesh my friends,



Spring Into Style With A Hat!

I decided to bring out some of my favorite spring pieces for my trip to a local winery.


My fedora and seersucker pants are some of my spring faves! (PC: Christina Johnston)

Some people want to accessorize, and I think hats really add that extra pizazz to an outfit. My personal favorite is this fedora. It can be casual, but also adds an element of “profesh” when you pair it with these seersucker pants. If you want to try a fedora but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips on how to wear them. I also found some unofficial rules for incorporating hats into an outfit.


Full outfit (PC: Christina Johnston)

I paired my outfit with my favorite nude wedges. I found some similar ones at Target. You could also pair this outfit with some nude pumps and a seersucker jacket to make it more work-appropriate. Check out some more “profesh” seersucker looks here.


Mustard colored top with detailing in the back make a bold statement (PC: Christina Johnston)

Seersucker is great to have for spring because it’s lightweight, and it doesn’t wrinkle. Check out some more seersucker style inspiration here, or if you’re still not sure if this pattern is for you, check out some subtle ways to wear it here.

Stay profesh my friends,


Dress To Impress With Your Professional Wardrobe

It’s spring! Flowers are blooming, and students are graduating. It’s a time of renewal, celebration and new beginnings. Companies are looking for potential employees and interns to add to their team. It’s the season to #network. If you have yet to solidify an outfit for an upcoming interview, now is the time to start planning!

You might be wondering what does “profesh” even mean? Profesh is an abbreviation for professional. It’s used among the younger generation that also thinks #adulting is a struggle. Creating a professional outfit can be a tough task. You want to consider buying basic pieces such as blazers, pants, or skirts, in staple colors such as black or navy.


#PowerStance #PowerSuit (PC: Christina Johnston)

I would wear this pantsuit for a more formal networking event or an interview. Mine is from Ann Taylor. You might be thinking Ann Taylor? Isn’t that for old ladies? Haha. I used to work there, and I promise they keep up with the trends! Check out some other interview outfit ideas here.


Hair curled and half up in a top knot bun (PC: Christina Johnston)

I actually bought this suit jacket and trouser pant before I started working there. Ann Taylor gives a 15 percent off student discount. The jacket is in the 100-dollar range, but it is good quality and worth the investment. If you’re not down with the price, I found a more affordable suit jacket and similar suit pants from H&M.


Close up of polka dot blouse with the two-button blazer (PC: Christina Johnston)

This knee-length pencil skirt is a good option for an outside event if it’s a sunny day. The skirt gives you more room to breathe than the trouser pants.


Black blazer, polka dot skirt, and pointy toed flats make for a trendy yet “profesh” look. (PC: Christina Johnston)

I chose these shoes because they’re a fun alternative for heels. They’re not your typical flats. They’re on trend but still “profesh.”

I recommend buying tops or skirts in patterns or colors that can showcase your personality. Keep in mind, some colors or patterns may be too much. Here are some tips on what patterns can be appropriate. Polka dots are my pattern. The black and white polka dots on my skirt are bold, but classic. In my first outfit I chose to incorporate polka dots in my blouse. The pattern allows me to be myself while still looking “profesh.” In both outfits I try to convey that I am fun but also ready to get down to business.

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First impressions are everything. If you go in with at least one item of clothing that feels like you, you’ll probably be a lot more confident. Remember when you look good, you feel good. Check out more tips to dress for success here.


Looking good, feeling great (PC: Christina Johnston)

Stay profesh my friends,