Must-have Beachin Backpack

Pacific City, Huntington Beach is the place for a gorgeous view and some yummy food!


Palm trees and a nice beach view (Author’s own)

It was a sunny day, so I needed some water, a cute (but practical outfit), and a fun accessory to complete my look, hehe. Handbag Republic got me covered with this versatile backpack.


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Beachside chillin (PC: Karissa O’Hanlon)

Here are my outfit details:

Bag: Handbag Republic backpack, $29

Top: Target striped shirt, $19.99

Shirt: Topshop crop top, (similar) $10

Shorts: Forever 21, (from a friend- similar) $35

Shoes: Havianna sandals, similar $36

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#beachin (PC: Karissa O’Hanlon)

Details on the backpack- I love the size because it fits a lot more than I thought, and it’s still not heavy! The bag is very affordable ($29) and very on trend. I wouldn’t think to incorporate a backpack into my outfit, but I felt it was the perfect way to make the look casual, yet beachy. This backpack comes in other colors too, you can check out other colors here, and more styles here.

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Side view of outfit & backpack

Here’s a back view of my outfit & backpack.


#views from inside Lemonade. (Author’s own)

We went to Lemonade, and I ordered the Pacific Rim Salad, Citrus-Poached Salmon, and a Peach Ginger Lemonade. It was delish!


There’s a lot of shopping and eating to do here. You can check out the website for more details on what’s there. We did some browsing at Urban Outfitters and H&M, but let’s face it, we’re ballin’ on a budget. We actually went back to Lemonade to validate our parking, and we shared a pistachio macaron and a strawberry lemonade slushy. It was a good way to end the day.


Find my girl @ooh_lala_kissa on Instagram (Author’s Own)

Hope you have a great weekend friends!


Dress Profesh


Travel Diary 4- Gondolas in Venice and Cats in Kotor

Venice was one of my favorite places on the trip! We arrived in the afternoon and we spent the rest of the evening there, which I think was a better time to visit. I ended up buying a hat, since the sun was very strong.


Loving Venezia (Author’s Own)

I paired my romper with a denim jacket which was good, because it cooled down at night.


High sea levels (Author’s own)


Gondolas and Venice waters (Author’s own)

We rode a Gondola at night, and the view was so surreal. I couldn’t believe I was in the city of Venice! At times it felt like we might fall out, but thankfully we didn’t! Our gondola driver sang to us, and that’s how we finished off our day in the city.

IMG_5458Kotor, Montenegro was our last stop on the trip. If you love cats, you definitely need to visit. They are literally lounging around everywhere, especially in the little shops, and I honestly almost stepped on this cutie. They are very presh, but can also be a little overwhelming if you’re not a cat person (sometimes me).


Keep an eye out, you don’t want to step on this one! Hehe (Author’s own)

We enjoyed some delicious gelato in the city too. What I didn’t expect was that there were a lot of bees roaming around. I may have ran away from them frantically more than I should have, haha. The heat was present, but didn’t get the best of us.


In the streets on Kotor (Author’s own)

Here’s some more views of the city. It was a nice place to end our trip!

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That has been my Europe trip in a nutshell. I enjoyed sharing with you some of the sights I saw. I have some new projects on the way, so look forward to that. 🙂

Until next time!


Dress Profesh

Travel Diary 3- Rome and Amalfi Coast

Rome was another long day filled with five miles of walking and a lot of sights to see! Stops of the day included- The Vatican Museum, The Vatican Gardens, The Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. I realized I didn’t get many pictures of myself at the sights, but the heat was a struggle and I wanted to try and be in the moment. I hope you enjoy a couple pictures that I took and also some from Pixabay.


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This was some of what we saw in the beginning of the day.


Inside the Vatican Museum (Author’s own)

The amount of detail everywhere we went in Rome is just incredible. Pictures don’t do it justice. You truly have to stand there and take it all in.


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There were a lot of people inside of the Basilica, and the Sistine Chapel, but it was incredible, and I’m so glad I can say I’ve been there. I found this website that had a lot of interesting information about both places- you can read about it here. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stop and see the Coliseum or the Trevi Fountain, but I will be saving that for a future trip. 🙂


Amalfi Coast #incredibleview (Author’s Own)

The next day we went to Sorrento and Positano. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of celebrities and/or influencers go to Positano this summer. It is a beautiful city, especially seeing the Amalfi Coast. We went in a tour bus down this very long and narrow, windy road. I thought we were never going to make it down, haha.


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We enjoyed some gelato once we made it down to the coast. I would’ve liked to spend more time there, because the view was so incredible. I have one more travel diary for you- Venice, Italy & Kotor, Montenegro. Stay tuned until Wednesday!


Dress Profesh

Travel Diary 2- France, Florence, and Pisa

Next stop- France!

We visited Villefrance-sur-Mer. The area was very peaceful, with narrow streets, and a beautiful view. I was excited because this was our first stop on the cruise. Unfortunately, this was the only stop we had in France.


Selfie time (Author’s own)

Here is my sister Stefanie, my brother-in-law Carlos, and me on our way to Villefranche.


Orange buildings and pretty waters (Author’s own)

**Outfit details- pink crop top from H&M, overalls from CottonOn (from a friend), although I found some cute black denim overalls from H&M that reminded me of the these. I chose this outfit because the overalls were breezy and comfortable for the weather.


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We spent the day shopping, and honestly sweating a lot, haha.

The next day we walked seven miles in two Italian cities- Florence & Pisa. We were ready at 7:00 A.M. to take on the day, which was exhausting, but definitely worth it!


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The streets of Florence were fast-paced and again, I couldn’t get enough of the amazing architecture Europe has to offer. You just don’t see these buildings here, in America. Florence is the leather capital of Italy, so my sister and I bought the perfect-sized tote leather bags as a souvenir from the city. I’ll have to incorporate it on one of my future posts! It’s a muave pink color, and I love it because it’s so versatile.

Our last stop of the day was the Leaning Tower of Pisa! I cannot tell you how unbearable the heat was, but we ended the day happily, eating some delicious Italian gelato.


Are we tourists yet? Hehe (Author’s own)


We made it! #familyselfie (Author’s own)

**You can check out details for my gingham outfit in my Traveling to Europe post.

Stay tuned for my next stop!- Rome & the Amalfi Coast in Italy.


Dress Profesh

Travel Diary 1- Enjoying Barcelona

I am grateful to be back home from my European adventure! When we were in Barcelona, we visited La Sagrada Familia, Museo Picasso, and Las Ramblas. You’ve probably heard about the recent attack in Barcelona, and luckily we weren’t there when it happened. My heart goes out to the victims and their families who lost their loved ones. It is unfortunate that there is a lot of violence happening, so I think it’s important to spread kindness. 🙂

IMG_5491.JPGShout out to my friend and my main blog photographer, Christina, for gifting me this adorable passport holder. It was perfect for my trip! You might not be in need for a passport holder, but here’s an article to consider why you might want one.

Barcelona can be a very peaceful city, but also very busy. During the day people are out and about, walking the narrow cobblestone streets. The city wakes up around 7 A.M. and goes to bed after midnight. We got dinner around 11 P.M. one of the nights we were there, but it felt like 7 P.M. A lot of areas have open patios where you eat outside of the restaurant. It gave me a vibe of being one with the city, and I liked that.


My family and I in front of the Basilica

La Sagrada Familia– The Basilica was honestly breathtaking. This picture only shows part of the outside. I remember when we got out of our taxi and saw it from across the street, I was so amazed. Seeing the architecture and detail of the church up close was unforgettable. It’s supposed to be completed in 2020, which gives me an excuse to go back! The inside is beautiful as well, but the pictures I took don’t do it justice. You can check out more details about the architecture of the church on the website.


Section of the outside


Outside of church


Good angle of inside (Downloaded from Pixabay)


Outside of Picasso Museum


Outside of Picasso Museum


Outside of Picasso Museum

Museu Picasso– I really enjoyed seeing the different styles of Picasso and how his artwork changed in time and through different influences in his life. Unfortunately we couldn’t take pictures inside, but everything was very memorable. It’s definitely worth seeing if you get a chance to go.


My sister and I outside of the museum



Gelato selfie with the family, hehe

We also enjoyed some gelato while we walked the streets of Spain. Most of my overall outfit details are in my last post. Be prepared- I wore this fedora basically everyday of the trip, but I have to say, it was a lifesaver while walking in the heat.

We spent two days in Barcelona, and then we got on our cruise ship to explore more of Europe- including France, Italy, and Montenegro.

Stay tuned for more of my travels!



Traveling to Europe

Hi friends!

Good new to come- I wanted to share that I will be expanding Dress Profesh into more of a lifestyle blog. I will still continue to post “profesh” style inspiration, but I also want to create content for the other events that are happening in my life.

Next week I will be in Europe for a 2-week cruise with my family! We’re celebrating my mom’s retirement, my sister’s 30th birthday, and my graduation from Cal Poly Pomona. It’s an exciting time, but also a time of planning and packing.

We’ll start in Barcelona, Spain, and cruise through different cities in Italy as well as France, and Montenegro. I will be posting pictures once I get back, since our cell service will be limited.

In the meantime, here are a few of my outfits that I plan to wear on the trip. Below are the item/price details and other links that might be useful for your summer adventures.


PC: Myself & Christina Johnston

Outfit 1: Ready, Set, Swim!

Maybe you’re not traveling, but you’re hitting up the beach or the pool, so I thought this link for what to carry in your beach bag might be useful. Check it out here.

Cover up: Target (similar), Swim cover up, $14.99

Fedora: Target (similar), Panama hat, $14.99

Sunglasses: Target (similar), Rose gold aviators, $16.99

Camera: From a friend, Amazon, Pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, $62

Bathing suit: TJmaxx (similar), High neck bathing suit $19.99

Sandals: Nordstrom (similar), Havaianas, $42


PC: Myself & Christina Johnston

Outfit 2: Black, Gold, & Gingham

I can’t get enough of the gingham trend! This outfit would be fun for minimal walking. I could switch out the wedges for sneakers, but these platforms are actually very comfy! If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate gingham into your wardrobe check it out here. I also found a cute gingham dress on sale at H&M as an alternative gingham outfit.

Shirt: Target, Who What Wear Gingham top, $22.99

Shorts: TJmaxx, H&M (similar), white distressed shorts, $19.99

Shoes: Target, Espadrille platforms, $29.99

Clutch: Nordstrom Rack (in Chicago), (similar) Rebecca Minkoff, $95

Belt: Ann Taylor (similar) Camp green belt, $16


PC: Myself & Christina Johnston

Outfit 3: Casual Coral

I chose to keep this look neutral, while adding a pop of color with my coral bag. If you’ve been looking to buy a new handbag, check out some useful tips on how to find the right one for you.

Fedora: Target (similar), Panama hat, $14.99

Top: Target, Merona, $22.99 (link not found)

Shorts: H&M,

Shoes: Target, Espadrille platforms, $29.99

Bag: TJmaxx $40, Fossil (similar) Coral crossbody, $63


PC: Myself & Christina Johnston

Outfit 4: Pink and Patterns

I’m bringing back my overall jumper that I wore in my 4th of July blog. I paired it again with my fedora and my instant film camera. I liked this outfit for cruising the pool deck. If you’re looking for some more casual summer outfits, check them out here.

Fedora: Target (similar), Panama hat, $14.99

Top: H&M, Pink crop top, $5.99

Overalls: (sold out at H&M), Similar at Nordstrom Topshop, $68

Camera: From a friend, Amazon (similar), Pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, $62

Sandals: They were my sister’s, Nordstrom (similar), Tropical Havaianas, $34

Hope you enjoyed a preview of some of my outfits. I can’t wait to update you all on the rest of my adventure!

Stay profesh my friends,



4th of July Outfit Ideas

It’s a tradition for my family to spend 4th of July at my sister’s house, eating festive food, playing patriotic games, and watching fireworks in her neighborhood. I like to take the holiday to show off my inner fashionista, haha. I put together four casual outfit options to enjoy your day off work.


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Look #1: Bright, White, and Patriotic

I went for a monochromatic look with the white top and white shorts, and tied my denim polka dot jacket around my waist. I couldn’t find a similar polka dot jacket, but any denim jacket will work! The sunhat ties the look together and it’s a great addition to you keep cool. It’s form the children’s section at Target (haha), but I’ve also linked a similar women’s floppy hat below.

Hat: Girls’ floppy hat Cat & Jack, Target $9.99, Women’s floppy hat Merona, Target $14.99

Top: (similar) White crop top Topshop, Nordstrom $10

Jacket: (similar) Light washed jacket, Kohl’s $34, other Denim jackets, H&M $34.99

Shorts: (similar) White distressed shorts, H&M $19.99

Earrings: Coca Cola bottle caps (my sister made them)


(PC: Ryan Yip)

If you don’t like hats, consider a fun headpiece! Below are some other headband options I found at Target:

Hairband: Stars and Stripes Americana hairband, $5.99

Hairband: Stripes Americana hairband, $5.99

Headband: Firework Headband, $7.99

Visor: Stars & Stripes Visor, $9.99

I also paired the outfit with my Haviana sandals for a more casual and comfy look. Here are some similar ones at Nordstrom, $34.


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Look #2: Bold, Flirty, & Fun

I like how the red lip really pops in this outfit. If you’re not into the red pants, you can always pair this top with high waisted denim jeans or shorts. I would recommend distressed denim for a more casual and relaxed look.


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Top: (similar) Topshop striped crop top, Nordstrom $16

Pants: (alternative) High waisted denim, H&M $19.99

Sandals: (similar) Haviana navy striped, $34


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Look #3: Denim Americana

I’ve been loving these denim overalls from H&M because they’re versatile and very comfy! It’s also a perfect one-and-done look if you don’t want to think about your outfit too much. I paired it with wedges to elevate my look, but if you want a more casual look, I would pair it with my Haviana sandals, or my white Converse.


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Denim overalls: (similar) Denim bib overall dress, H&M $34.99

Top: (similar) Short camisole top, H&M $2.99

Shoes: Strappy wedge sandal, Nordstrom $65.96


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Look #4: Polka Dots & Stripes

This look says 4th of July, but in very laid-back way, since the colors I’m wearing are less intense. I also went with a simple half-up-half-down hairdo for the look.

Shirt: BeachLunchLounge top, found at Nordstrom Rack

Jacket: (Same as Look #2) Light washed jacket, Kohl’s $34, other Denim jackets, H&M $34.99

Shorts: Twill shorts, H&M $12.99

Sandals: (Same as Look #2) Haviana sandals, $34

Earrings: Coca Cola bottle caps (my sister made them)


(PC: Ryan Yip)

Hope you found some style inspiration for your 4th of July! If you post your outfit on Instagram tag me @dressprofesh and #dress4the4th!

Happy 4th my friends,